Raytion Documentum Connector

The Raytion Documentum Connector continuously indexes most recent content from OpenText Documentum for your search solution. Whether it is a company-wide enterprise search platform or search-driven business application, our connector fosters adaptation. In fact, it also advances knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Why should you integrate OpenText Documentum into your Search?

Indexing OpenText Documentum for your enterprise search solution serves a broad range of use cases. Seize the opportunity of full-text search across all documents stored in OpenText Documentum. Include associated metadata alongside content from other corporate systems for an effortless information retrieval.

Simplified onboarding, shared knowledge and immediate information access are benefits of a seamless enterprise search – just like quicker access to files, folders or helpful documentation, which is facilitated by intelligent Search-as-you-Type completions.

You will profit from easily building smart business applications on top of the indexed data in various environments: Access shared documents in customer dashboards, in your chat bots or in your team communication platforms.

Key Features

  • Supports OpenText Documentum
  • Indexes repositories, folders and files
  • Indexes comprehensive sets of metadata associated with OpenText Documentum document types
  • Indexes new and changed content in near real time
  • Fully supports OpenText Documentum’s permission model and built-in user and group management
  • Offers a scope of several ten million documents

Available as

Raytion Documentum Connector for Attivio AIE
Raytion Documentum Connector for Elasticsearch
Raytion Documentum Connector for Exalead CloudView
Raytion Documentum Connector for Google Cloud Search
Raytion Documentum Connector for Lucidworks Fusion
Raytion Documentum Connector for Microsoft Search
Raytion Documentum Connector for SharePoint
Raytion Documentum Connector for SharePoint Online
Raytion Documentum Connector for Solr

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