Effortless (Home) Office Planning

Effortless (Home) Office Planning
August 31, 2020 Margarita Petriaching

Exceptional times like these pose challenges to all enterprises. Everywhere companies have to take measures to ensure the health of their employees. Of course, we at Raytion as well as our customers are also affected by these challenges. Thus, besides introducing new guidelines or adapting to the changes while working from home in a flexible way, we provided lightweight tools to support our safety measures. Here, our social collaboration and chat infrastructure came into play.

Before Covid-19 we were just as incredibly proud to have a culture of open knowledge exchange as we are now. Our office in Düsseldorf represents a key feature of this culture. For this reason we implemented a lightweight organizational tool on our daily communication platform, which is powered by a chat bot. In a straighforward manner, the bot supports the daily planning process in the office. It sends around a survey every week to ask employees when they plan on coming to the office in person. Colored emojis referring to the days of the week are assigned to each zone in the office, which colleagues can use to register for the respective area. The automatic surveys help keeping track of the overall use of the office space and support balancing remote and on-site work. This creates a good overview and thus, the office capacity can be scheduled accordingly. Such a bot-based approach works perfectly well with Slack, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts.

We call that effortless (home) office planning.

If you are interested in this solution or others, please reach out to us.