Extraordinary Times

Extraordinary Times
July 30, 2020 Margarita Petriaching

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Extraordinary times need extraordinary concepts. Just like for many others, this period has led to a changeover and a lot more work from home. However, our Raytion team has embraced the new change with motivation, reliability and initiative.

We continue our services predominantly from our own four walls but also from our office on Benrather Karree in a much emptier and more socially distanced manner. Since our company has a lot of international clients across the globe, the remote service has always been a crucial part of our work. By transferring a part of it to our digital home offices, we have enhanced remote consulting, architecture, recruiting and onboarding.

We support our customers in IT changes such as lift & shift, so that services can work trouble-free via VPNs despite a modified usage behavior and the distance. Not only does the modern digital workplace we foster help the company itself, but it also provides wonderful assistance for our customers. Especially now, in times of a much needed and quicker digital transformation, our customers can still rely on our support and our services, as well as on a successful implementation of social collaboration.

Likewise, our Raytion Enterprise Search Workshops previously held face-to-face received a new online polish. Being a real time saver when it comes to commute, it also happens to be more intense and focused. In this regard, our work continues nonetheless, even though it evolves from a more private setting.

Work from home in times of Corona brings about its own small benefits and drawbacks and this photo spread is about to show you the different results. We keep being connected, wherever we are.

If you are curious to know how our work in the office or home offices looks like, take a peek at our diligent Rays in their various locations.

They are greeting from their home offices.


And from the emptier Benrather Karree.