Interview with Raytion’s Search Experts

Interview with Raytion’s Search Experts
August 2, 2021 rt_admin

In an interview with Computer Futures, the search experts at Raytion answer a few questions on the subject of information search “Enterprise Search vs. Google Search” and “Individualization of Company-Wide Information Searches”. The first article is about showing what an enterprise search is compared to Google search. Everyone knows Google, but what about internal search? Which differences can be displayed?

The second article describes the flexibility of an enterprise search, the possible individualizations and what is needed for that. It also takes into account specific Raytion connectors that serve as points of intersections between the source system and the search engine. So, what are the advantages of an enterprise search and how can Raytion tailor an enterprise search to company requirements? 

If you want to learn more about the difference between Google search and enterprise search, then feel free to read first of the two articles.

If you are interested in the individualization of your search, then feel free to read the second article