Lucidworks Names Raytion as Key Partner in New Partnership Program

Lucidworks Names Raytion as Key Partner in New Partnership Program
August 22, 2018 rt_admin

Düsseldorf, August 13, 2018 – Raytion, the leading internationally operating enterprise search specialist, is one of the key partners in Lucidworks’ new partnership program to deliver powerful AI solutions to the Global 2000. The program includes comprehensive training and certification by Lucidworks, plus extensive practice with their Fusion platform in real-world projects to ensure the highest-quality implementations for customers across all industries. Raytion’s products and professional services complement the Lucidworks Fusion technology, which offers tightly integrated AI, machine learning, and search and discovery features.


Raytion is one of the key partners of Lucidworks, a leader in Gartner’s latest report on Insight Engines. With Fusion, Lucidworks offers a machine learning and AI-powered search and discovery platform. The renewed partnership combines Raytion’s and Lucidworks’ unique capabilities to create class-leading cognitive business applications and to deliver them to Global 2000 customers worldwide. Raytion’s complete family of secure enterprise search connectors are one essential aspect of this vision. Fusion’s AI-powered features allow for analyzing, filtering and enriching massive amounts of data in real time as it flows in into its intelligent index. Raytion’s connectors integrate all relevant content of the required enterprise information systems into Fusion and keep its index up-to-date by synchronizing any changes as they occur. A powerful combination, which Raytion’s consultants and professional services use to implement and to operate cognitive applications and customized search-based solutions.

As Raytion and Lucidworks partner up, the complete family of Raytion’s secure enterprise search connectors becomes available to Fusion. Applications which Raytion builds on top of Fusion cover classical enterprise search, expert search, e-discovery and surveillance, social media monitoring, legal and contract search, smart document management applications, e-commerce and more.

Lucidworks and Raytion bring together the best innovations in AI-powered search and discovery with the aim to provide state-of-the-art solutions to our customers and their users. With the new partnership we are just starting.

For Lucidworks’ announcement of the new partnership program see

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