Raytion Enables Excellent Search Together With Communardo

Raytion Enables Excellent Search Together With Communardo
December 18, 2020 Manee Withoeft

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As Communardo recently decided to discontinue the development of their Connector for SharePoint Search, they teamed up with Raytion and now recommend a change to the Raytion Confluence Connector for SharePoint.

With this collaboration, Communardo’s Connector for SharePoint Search customers will be able to keep the excellent search experience they are used to. Furthermore, they benefit from the clear upgrade path towards Confluence Data CenterConfluence Cloud and towards Microsoft Search, which Raytion offers its customers.

Clients, who were previously using the Connector for SharePoint Search, can enjoy a smooth transition when switching, since it will not require a costly migration.

The Raytion Confluence Connector for SharePoint indexes content from Confluence in an efficient, secure and scalable way. See the results in the screenshot below.



We thank Communardo for the trust they put into our company and our products and appreciate the great teamwork. Please also have a look at Communardo’s announcement.