Raytion Releases Its New SRI 7

Raytion Releases Its New SRI 7
January 3, 2020 rt_admin

The new version of our Raytion Search & Retrieval Interface, the Raytion SRI, is here! The new Raytion SRI comes with a fully redesigned look and feel. The new design makes it both beautiful and functionally compelling. Its new architecture based on React makes it more flexible and future proof than ever. The Raytion SRI 7 is not only the perfect search interface for enterprise search and for bringing search directly into your intranet, but the best choice for e-commerce, site search, e-discovery, and other search-based business applications such as knowledge search or software code retrieval.

Our new SRI 7 includes the following new main features:

  • Rebranded, fully featured search center for enterprise search
  • Dedicated support for people results
  • Easily customizable result types, such as for Q&As, experts, authoritative pages, products, etc.
  • A design for recommended links for highlighting products to your customers or recommending tools for your employees
  • Result blocks for keeping the result page clean and well-structured
  • Did-you-mean for the best interactive search experience
  • Load more and endless scrolling functions for a fast and responsive result page
  • Fully featured REST APIs to build your own applications on top of it
  • Supports many OAuth providers, such as Google Directory, Microsoft Azure AD or Okta

Beyond that, the new Raytion SRI 7 enables a consistent and functionally optimized design throughout all devices, not just on the laptop but on mobile phones and tablets as well. The Raytion Search & Retrieval Interface is compatible with

  • Apache Solr
  • Attivio AIE
  • Elasticsearch
  • Exalead CloudView
  • Google Cloudsearch
  • Microsoft SharePoint On-Premises
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online

Interested in a demo? Then reach out to us!