Raytion Sponsors The KMWorld Connect Conference 2020

Raytion Sponsors The KMWorld Connect Conference 2020
November 6, 2020 Margarita Petriaching

Due to the challenges, which this year brought, digital transformation is moving faster forward than ever. In particular, popular face-to-face events mostly do not take place as usual any more. Instead, this year provides a lot more contemporary opportunities and lets us be part of amazing new virtual experiences.

We are proud to announce that Raytion will take part at the KMWorld Conference from November 16 – 19th, which will be held entirely virtual this year. The whole event will focus on future strategies, technologies and new tools of how to improve a company’s knowledge organization, knowledge retrieval and of course show how to facilitate collaboration this way. Not only will Raytion present workshops and talks, but is also a sponsor of the whole conference. Our company will perfectly blend in on the current topics concerning innovation and a new modern direction of knowledge management.

Our collegues Benjamin Braasch, Alexander Thamm and Philipp Sieg will present a workshop on the topic “Fundamentals of Enterprise Search”. This interactive workshop covers the entire enterprise search solution life cycle, from indexing and security to search experience and user interfaces. They will provide valuable insights and discuss challenges with you and your partners.

Christian Groß will talk about “Search Relevancy Strike Force”. Within enterprises, it can be hard to know whether search ‘fails’ due to content gaps, poor tagging and metadata, or other search issues. That is why he will present some prominent search use cases, discussing their value and implementation, with recent examples from Microsoft Search and Google Cloud Search.

Sebastian Klatt will join a panel about “Innovations in Search”. In these unprecedented and challenging times, it is good to be reminded that search and discovery do not stand still. This is important because through innovations in search technology we define the future of search.