Merger and Acquisition Search


Merger and Acquisition Search

Augment access to duplicate IT systems, years before the actual IT consolidation projects - generate a huge ROI by making stored and distributed information available to everyone in the new enterprise

Use Search for a Uniform Access to Disparate IT Infrastructure

Mergers and acquisitions make companies face the challenge of consolidating duplicate IT systems – a challenge that typically takes years. Through our M&A search approach it is possible to meet compliance requirements and to gain valuable insights. Likewise, it is feasible to reduce setbacks and lower friction by viewing information from old and new IT systems while maintaining permission levels.

Fused Info

View information from multiple systems just like from one


Seamless and easy navigation through the entire PLM, CRM, ERP content

Simplified Work

Accelerate the work of your most valuable knowledge workers


Homogenize seemingly heterogenous environments

Search & Go

Start workflows straight from search

Merge Systems

Merge IT systems years before their consolidation

The ROI of M&A Searches

Our approach helps your colleagues finding the right information at all times. It significantly reduces effort and the tedious search for information. Our M&A search bridges the long process in which two companies merge – even in heterogeneous IT landscapes. Our products and services consolidate the view on multiple PLM, CRM, content and knowledge management platforms. All of this is based on industry-leading search engines and Raytion technology.

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By means of our convenient collaboration tools, streamlining work becomes more efficient and trouble-free. You can easily collaborate with your team and benefit from reduced email traffic.


The right information at the right time. Let enterprise search find answers to your queries, so that you can retrieve crucial data from your intranet portal whenever you need it.


Project and business success is linked to simultaneous operations and a results-oriented approach to work. We support change management and implement cloud collaboration architectures.