With the modern cloud the focus shifts back on the functional requirements of applications. We design and implement​ cloud solutions which leverage the full potential of the cloud.

Modern clouds come with a broad offering ranging from infrastructure as a service to AI as a service. ​

Our customers not only migrate their on-premise workloads to the cloud, for instance their collaboration platform, but they particularly use the cloud to host scalable business applications. Additionally, artificial intelligence among other cloud offerings enable the engineering of applications which previously seemed to be too complex or expensive. Most cloud providers also offer cloud-based collaboration which facilitates internal and external collaboration while offering a data and threat protection in the background. ​

We consult our customers building up their hybrid and cloud-based architectures. Our consultants support the migration process of entire platforms, such as intranet portals, document management systems or search infrastructures. These infrastructures allow us to implement scalable applications.​

By utilizing artificial intelligence frameworks, we build intelligent bot-based applications for the intranet and internet. Our staged approach reduces project risk and boosts user acceptance. Moreover, our connector products are designed to fuel bots by keeping them synchronized with the underlying knowledge bases.


  • Bots​
  • Data Analytics​
  • Hybrid Infrastructures ​
  • Machine Learning​
  • Search


  • Strategy and Consulting​
  • Training​
  • Technology Evaluation​
  • Architecture and Design​
  • Implementation​


  • Raytion Connectors for Microsoft QnA Maker

Technology Partners

  • Google​
  • Microsoft