We design search applications which allow to find the right information at the right time, boosting productivity and conversion rates.

Search opens up previously siloed content and makes it available to a broad audience while acknowledging permissions. Employees, knowledge workers or customers do not need to browse for information but can directly retrieve it. This way, search is and stays the center-piece of the digital customer and employee journey.​

A well-integrated enterprise search is the starting point to retrieve information right from the intranet portal. It goes hand-in-hand with your collaboration strategy and enables knowledge workers to directly access information from the most relevant repositories. The indexed data also is key for rich business applications, for instance for search-driven document management or legal search.​

On internet-facing websites, intelligent search is significantly important in order to allow visitors to find the right products and answers, e.g. in e-commerce, internet and support scenarios. We implement search on top of your e-commerce, knowledge bases and content management systems yielding satisfied visitors and customers.​

Raytion is vendor-independent. Our search solutions are powered by the leading commercial and open source search engines, our connectors and UI framework. Our consultants and engineers support the entire project lifecycle, starting from the strategy and technology evaluation, covering the architecture and UI design and the actual implementation, up to ongoing search analytics management and operations.


  • Cognitive Search​
  • Contract and Legal Search​
  • E-Commerce​
  • Enterprise Search​
  • Expert and People Search​
  • Location-based Search​
  • Merger and Acquisition Searches​
  • Payment Reconciliation​
  • Warranty Search


  • Strategy and Consulting​
  • Technology Evaluation​
  • Architecture and Design​
  • Training​
  • Implementation​
  • 24/7 Operations​
  • Search Analytics Management


Search Technology Partners

  • Attivio​
  • Elastic​
  • Exalead​ / Dassault
  • Google ​
  • Lucidworks​
  • Microsoft