We design search applications that let users find the right information at the right time and which boost productivity and conversion rates as well.

The search reveals previously hidden content and makes it available to a wide audience while taking permissions into account. Employees, knowledge workers or customers do not need to browse though information but can access it directly. This reinforces search as the core of the digital customer and employee journey.​

A well-integrated enterprise search is the starting point for retrieving information directly from the intranet portal. It goes hand in hand with your collaboration strategy and gives knowledge workers immediate access to information from key repositories. The indexed data is also key to extensive business applications such as search-driven document management or legal search.

Smart search is crucial on internet-facing websites, so that visitors can find the right answers and products for e-commerce, internet, or support scenarios. In addition to your e-commerce we implement search applications, knowledge bases and content management systems that are sure to produce satisfied visitors and customers.

Raytion is vendor independent. Our search solutions are supported by industry-leading commercial and open source search engines as well as by our connectors and by our UI framework. Our consultants and engineers support the entire project life cycle. They advise you on questions regarding initial strategy and technology assessment, architecture as well as user experience design and implementation. Moreover, the consulting includes advice on the search analytics management as well as day-to-day operations.

Solutions We Offer

  • Cognitive Search​
  • Contract and Legal Search​
  • E-Commerce​
  • Enterprise Search​
  • Expert and People Search​
  • Location Search​
  • M&A Search​
  • Site Search​
  • Payment Reconcilliation
  • Warranty Search

Our Services​

  • Strategy and Consulting​
  • Technology Evaluation​
  • Architecture and Design​
  • Training​
  • Implementation​
  • 24/7 Operations​
  • Search Analytics Management

Raytion Products​

  • Raytion Enterprise Search Connectors (ESC)
    A complete range of 50+ secure connectors that synchronize the content of all relevant information systems for the search technology of your choice.
  • Raytion Search and Retrieval Interface (SRI)
    A quality toolkit for rapidly building search user interfaces, whether these are single search-based business applications or hundreds of local site searches.
  • Raytion Custom Security Manager (CSM)
    A directory and identity management for implementing secure search across different content sources and information systems.

Technology Partners and Technologies

  • Apache
  • Attivio
    Attivio Active Intelligence Engine (AIE)​
  • Elastic
  • Dassault Systèmes
    Exalead CloudView
  • Funnelback​
  • Google
    Google Cloud Search
  • Lucidworks
  • Microsoft
    SharePoint, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Search