Agile Project Management


Agile Project Management

Benefit from work familiarity, frustration-free management and consequent success

The Tools and Mindset for More Efficient Work

Implement an agile project management culture even in seemingly rigid environments. Agile work culture does not only include stand-up meetings but also comprises prioritization and anticipation. Move away from email being an impractical project management tool and implement a truly successful project management culture.

Issues & Tasks

Successful issue and task management in agile environments

Smart Workflows

Workflows reflecting your processes


View your work in personalizable dashboards

Intranet Integration

Start off your work from the heart of your digital workplace

Fuse Teamwork

Seamless integration into your collaboration landscape

Clear & Secure

Built-in transparency and security

Raytion Powers Agile Project Management

We implement successful project management strategies based on leading technology platforms. Hence, we design collaboration spaces, which hold built-in agile project management. By making current tasks and project statuses transparent to the team, we move away from distributing work via email and meetings. We implement the right project management tools for your organization, whether these are lightweight tools based on Microsoft 365 or customizable tools from the Atlassian suite. Our consultants help facilitating change, support reducing frustration as well as minimizing communication overhead. This way we encourage to implement entertaining and efficient work habits.

Our Services

Raytion’s service portfolio meets individual business requirements and delivers industry-leading solutions for your organization.
Solution Architecture and Design
Change Management
24/7 Operations

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By means of our convenient collaboration tools, streamlining work becomes more efficient and trouble-free. You can easily collaborate with your team and benefit from reduced email traffic.


The right information at the right time. Let enterprise search find answers to your queries, so that you can retrieve crucial data from your intranet portal whenever you need it.


Project and business success is linked to simultaneous operations and a results-oriented approach to work. We support change management and implement cloud collaboration architectures.