Enterprise Search​


Enterprise Search​

Gain actionable insights, integrate your knowledge bases and reliably extract required information

Free Knowledge From Its Silos

Enterprise search goes beyond web search. It is secure, incorporates structured and unstructured data, knows taxonomies or the context within your organization and is integrated into your intranet. It delivers the most relevant documents, including records and information about people in one central application. Enterprise search frees and democratizes information from its silos. You will benefit most from your investments into knowledge management and collaboration landscapes.

The Right Information

Find the right information at the right time

Actionable Insights

Comprehensive and actionable search interfaces

Way to Success

Ease the way to success for your knowledge workers

Best Relevance

The best search relevance by leading search engines

Released Knowledge

Release content from most valuable sources

Upheld Security

Security at its core: search which honors source system permissions

Industry-Leading Enterprise Search

We serve the entire life cycle for enterprise search solutions. We carry out the strategy, evaluation and selection of search engines, offer consulting, form the architecture as well as a corresponding concept and design. We also implement solutions and conduct ongoing operations as well as search analytics management. Moreover, we support change management, knowledge transfer and roadmap development. We introduce sound concepts and building blocks to make your enterprise search more effective. Not only do we partner with world-leading commercial search engine vendors, but we also successfully implement open-source-based alternatives. Whenever it is reasonable and benefits your venture, we will implement our complementing enterprise search connectors and the Raytion SRI, our search interface, as well.

Our Services

Raytion’s service portfolio meets individual business requirements and delivers industry-leading solutions for your organization.
Search Technology Evaluation
Solution Architecture and Design
24/7 Operations
Search Analytics Management
Content Integration
UX/UI Consulting
Knowledge Transfer and Training

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By means of our convenient collaboration tools, streamlining work becomes more efficient and trouble-free. You can easily collaborate with your team and benefit from reduced email traffic.


The right information at the right time. Let enterprise search find answers to your queries, so that you can retrieve crucial data from your intranet portal whenever you need it.


Project and business success is linked to simultaneous operations and a results-oriented approach to work. We support change management and implement cloud collaboration architectures.