Enjoy search that increases conversion rates. It suggests the right products to the right customers at the right time.

Easily Find Relevant Products

Search is the easiest entry point into your e-commerce solution by presenting your offers in an intuitive and appealing way. Adaptive filters help narrowing down the results. Moreover, you can equip your product pages with search and analytics or display suitable products. It is possible to use indexed data to build world-class product wizards conveniently, which help finding the required products and offers. You can also analyze the search behavior through query analytics and gain actionable insights.


Handy search frontends in addition to your e-commerce solution


Fast search and reliable autocompletion with Search-as-you-Type

Cognitive Search

Cognitive search which boosts conversion rates

Seasonal Offers

Promote seasonal offers through result blocks with custom content

Data Analytics

Make better decisions based on data analytics

Product Wizard

Industry-leading search-driven product wizards

Guide your Customers by an Outstanding Search Experience and Adaptive Layouts

We implement, operate and tune e-commerce or online-shop search engines. Our approach to e-commerce search guides your customers to the right products and offers right from the start. We use cognitive search to show the most relevant products beyond TF/IDF. By detecting the user’s intent, the search interface adapts to that intent through employing the right filters for instance. In general, our approach improves the overall user satisfaction and increases conversion rates.

Our Services

Raytion’s service portfolio meets individual business requirements and delivers industry-leading solutions for your organization.
Solution Architecture and Design
Implementation based on leading search engines
24/7 Operations
Search Optimization
Analytics Management

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By means of our convenient collaboration tools, streamlining work becomes more efficient and trouble-free. You can easily collaborate with your team and benefit from reduced email traffic.


The right information at the right time. Let enterprise search find answers to your queries, so that you can retrieve crucial data from your intranet portal whenever you need it.


Project and business success is linked to simultaneous operations and a results-oriented approach to work. We support change management and implement cloud collaboration architectures.