Warranty Search


Warranty Search

Manage millions of warranty contracts, understand and visualize subtle differences using a valuable tool for your employees on-site.

Facilitate Your Valuable Experts' Lives

Not all warranties are easy to handle. Hence, warranty search helps you manage complex contracts and warranties, e.g. in the field of the building and construction industry or with custom B2B arrangements. It further helps you regulate warranties, which differ heavily from state-of-the-art liabilities for normal consumer goods. Dealing with the risks resulting from custom clauses is as important as understanding the liabilities of each contract. Therefore, the mobile-ready contract search is the right tool for your field engineers.


Avoid risks by actively managing warranties

Custom Clauses

Detect and track various custom clauses

Mobile Access

Suitable for mobile devices and locally accessible


Integratable into your workflow environments


Index and OCR millions of important documents


Warranty search is customizable to your demands

Manage Several Hundred Million Warranties

We design and implement warranty searches, which can process and index up to several hundred million legal documents. We incorporate our framework and building blocks in order to accelerate the implementation and to offer you a quick ROI. Our warranty search provides an extensive user interface to quickly figure out the contract status and to understand the liabilities immediately. Warranty search enables you to start the right workflows directly from the search interface and allows administrators to focus on an important work segment – the best customer service.

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