Accessing and retrieving business-critical information is a key aspect for every organization.

At Raytion we unlock the potential of enterprise search, by offering a range of in-house developed products and software components that complement and add value to product offerings of commercially-available enterprise search engines.

We offer advanced, feature-rich and scalable functionalities that enable your organizations to securely access information from heterogeneous systems in a unified way. Additionally, we provide the means to optimize and continuously enhance your enterprise search solution by diagnosing and analyzing the search behavior of your users.

Enterprise Search Connectors

Our Enterprise Search Connectors allow you to integrate and access information from heterogeneous systems and applications, address even the most complex security policies, retrieve up-to-date information, and provide flexible mapping and filtering mechanisms.

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Search & Retrieval Interface (SRI)

Our Search & Retrieval Interface allows the flexible and fast delivery of customizable search interfaces to a diverse number of users across an organization. It enables client-oriented search experiences and supports advanced as well as novice users in finding domain-specific information.

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Raytion Search Analytics

Having a holistic view on how users interact with an enterprise search solution helps in maintaining and optimizing your search solution. The Raytion Search Analytics offers customized reports and visualizations that give you an overview of your users’ search and information needs.

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