Cognitive Search


Cognitive Search

Increase search relevance and skillfully recognize user intent by using the latest artificial intelligence

Trained Understanding of Actual User Needs

By implementing AI, cognitive search learns the behavior of the user over time and therefore enables a continuous adaptation to it. Search has intelligent natural language processing and can respond precisely to the user’s intentions. In intranet scenarios, cognitive search significantly increases productivity through personalization and by predicting the user’s actual search queries.


Precise search results that raise customer and user satisfaction


Adaptive filters – based on the user’s intent


Self-improving relevance


Personalized search results through cognitive search


Natural language processing

Intent Recognition

Intent recognition for value-adding workflows

Increase Conversion Rates and Entertainment

Cognitive search offers a relevance algorithm that is based on current trends and the most important products. As part of the search UI, it adapts to the user’s intent by showing the right filters, displaying interactive elements or by providing the best search results. An intelligent natural language processing improves your FAQ or support search. The use of synonyms and the recognition of key phrases make it possible to find all relevant documents. In turn, your site visitors will detect the required answers instantly.

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