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Search & Retrieval Interface (SRI)

Delivering domain-specific information to different target groups within an organization and securely searching for business-critical information across several repositories, applications, and search technologies is a business need for every organization.

The inability to find the right information not only consumes a substantial amount of time, but also inhibits productivity and increases the risks of making the wrong business decisions.

The Raytion Search & Retrieval Interface (SRI) is a feature-rich toolset that serves both search administrators, implementing and delivering an enterprise search solution to numerous target groups across the enterprise, and novice to advanced end-users.

SRI offers the ability to easily build, manage and maintain customizable and configurable search interfaces throughout the enterprise and beyond, independent of the underlying search engine technology.

SRI is a robust, flexible and scalable toolset that enables a cost-effective implementation of diverse search interfaces and facilitates a fast delivery of these interfaces to varying end-user groups. It enables a search administrator to easily pre-configure search templates by pre-defining search attributes for each user group, thus hiding the complexity of search within a specific domain from end users.

SRI also provides personalized and configurable search experiences to end-users by offering advanced search views and the possibility to refine search results. It is easily extensible through its add-on modules, which provide extra functionalities like language-dependent spell-checking or federated search modules.

The Raytion SRI Editions

Raytion SRI for Intranets & Internet

Enables the connection to one or more search engines and the delivery of customized search interfaces within organizational boundaries and beyond.

Raytion SRI for Windows Desktop

Integrates secure intranet search with Windows Desktop, by verifying and respecting document security policies on the intranet.

Raytion SRI for EMC Documentum

Allows users to simultaneously search metadata and full text, across multiple Documentum installations and docbases, with a single query and to find virtual document roots based on the content of their component document.

Raytion SRI for Microsoft SharePoint

Simplifies the process of building customized search interfaces that can be integrated into Microsoft SharePoint for diverse user-groups.

Raytion SRI for SAP NetWeaver Portal

Facilitates customizing search within the SAP NetWeaver Portal and offers the possibility to federate search results.

Additional Features of Raytion SRI

  • Support for multiple search engine back-ends
  • Support multiple search engine instances simultaneously
  • Built-in failover
  • Secure search
  • Selectable query languages
  • Language support
  • Search usage logging