Raytion Search & Retrieval Interface

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Raytion Search & Retrieval Interface

The right search experience for everyone – get to know the Raytion Search & Retrieval Interface.

The Raytion Search & Retrieval Interface (SRI) is a powerful, flexible and customizable search interface. The Raytion SRI is fully responsive, ensures full functionality on all relevant devices and guarantees security. It is a platform which is specifically designed for reliability and scalability. It works unfailingly even in the most demanding intranet and internet-facing scenarios, in which millions of queries are processed per month.

Easily Created Search Applications

The Raytion SRI can be immediately put to use with its enterprise-level, industry-leading search interface.

The interface can also be easily aligned to your corporate design or completely adapted to individual user requirements. By offering a large number of building blocks, the Raytion SRI does not only meet current but also emerging requirements. These enable an easy extension of search applications or even a rapid creation of new ones from scratch.

Fully-featured search interface
Based on modern web standards
Configurable to your requirements
Works perfectly on all screen sizes

Meets All Requirements at Once

With the Raytion SRI indexed data can be systematically partitioned and used in different search applications.

It combines the possibility to either use one central search index or merge multiple result sets even from federated and different search engines.

The Raytion SRI is designed as a search platform, which is capable of multi-tenancy. It enables the creation of any number of search interfaces to meet business requirements like customer dashboards, to match contract searches or enterprise search.

Meets most diverse requirements
Operates dozens of search apps
Central search engine management
Built-in internationalization

Security is Key

The Raytion SRI provides flexible authentication mechanisms and promotes the security architecture of all common search engines.

The interface enables secure search even if the search technology does not fully support it.

It can be easily combined with other Raytion products, such as our enterprise search connectors and the Raytion Custom Security Manager (CSM).

Secure search for search engines
Compatible with our connector suite
Supports Kerberos and NTLM SSO
OAuth SSO (Okta, Google, Microsoft)

Powerful Middleware

The Raytion SRI bridges the gap between your content management system (CMS) and the search engine.

Instead of building a complete search integration within your CMS, the Raytion SRI offers a range of APIs that can easily integrate secure search.

In this way, the Raytion SRI ensures a seamless search integration as part of your digital workspace and the intranet. The Raytion SRI is the best choice for integrating search into your website or on heavy-traffic e-commerce sites. The interface always offers an individual and full-featured search experience – swiftly and cost-effectively.

Powerful APIs
Seamless integration into your CMS
Features full search functions
Built-in failover and robustness

Available for the Following Search Technologies

Apache Solr
Google Cloud Search
Microsoft SharePoint
Lucidworks Fusion
Microsoft SharePoint Online
Exalead CloudView
Microsoft Search

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