Chat Bots


Chat Bots

Simplify general tasks and answer questions using your preferred communication and collaboration platforms - quickly, conveniently and search-powered

Approved Chat Bots

Interactive chatbots have a good understanding of simplifying your daily work. They help finding the right conference room, support summarizing current meetings or assist in revealing important tasks. They become entertaining through gamification and support knowledge workers through cognitive search.


Interact with your customers and users

Daily Business

Simplify the daily business of your users


Give answers to common questions

Knowledge Base

Your knowledge base at the user’s fingertips


Integrated into your most important channels: the intranet, chat or e-mail

Conversion Rates

Increase conversion rates and user adoption

Surplus Value Through Easy and Entertaining Chat Bots

We design smart chat bots based on a variety of building blocks. By integrating them into communication platforms such as Slack, Teams or Hangouts, it is easier to interact with your bot. Not only does it answer questions, but it also offers to open issue tickets e.g. in your Jira or ServiceNow. With the help of our consultants you can collect and prioritize use cases or adjust the respective chat bot conversation design. Moreover, our engineers carry out the implementation and integration of bots into your systems as well as offer support of these procedures.

Our Services

Raytion’s service portfolio meets individual business requirements and delivers industry-leading solutions for your organization.
Knowledge Transfer
Conversational Design
Solution Architecture and Design
Security and Governance
Change Management

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By means of our convenient collaboration tools, streamlining work becomes more efficient and trouble-free. You can easily collaborate with your team and benefit from reduced email traffic.


The right information at the right time. Let enterprise search find answers to your queries, so that you can retrieve crucial data from your intranet portal whenever you need it.


Project and business success is linked to simultaneous operations and a results-oriented approach to work. We support change management and implement cloud collaboration architectures.