Raytion File System Connector

The Raytion File System Connector continuously indexes up to several hundred million files on your file shares. Once available for your search or e-discovery platform, previously concealed knowledge becomes accessible. Whether indexing legacy file shares for e-discovery or GDPR searches, our connector fosters adaptation. In fact, it also advances knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Why should you integrate File System into your Search?

Leverage the power of full-text search. Seize the opportunity of flawlessly accessing and exploring files on locally mounted file shares alongside content from other enterprise information systems.

By unlocking your archives through full-text archive search, valuable knowledge becomes accessible. Hence, you can meet your compliance requirements, whether it is for GDPR or e-discovery.

You will profit from building mission critical applications atop of the indexed data. Index and optical character read various files. These can be plans, contracts, CAD data or warranty search solutions. In doing so, your specialists’ work is simplified and more effortless data access is guaranteed in the field or in their offices.

Key Features

  • Supports locally mounted file shares
  • Indexes files and folders and their metadata
  • Indexes new and changed content in near real time
  • Fully supports the file share’s permission model and the user and group management of the underlying LDAP directory service
  • Offers a several hundred million documents scope

Available as

Raytion File System Connector for Attivio AIE
Raytion File System Connector for Elasticsearch
Raytion File System Connector for Exalead CloudView
Raytion File System Connector for Google Cloud Search
Raytion File System Connector for Lucidworks Fusion
Raytion File System Connector for Microsoft Search
Raytion File System Connector for SharePoint
Raytion File System Connector for SharePoint Online
Raytion File System Connector for Solr

Success Story

One of the leading European construction companies employs our Raytion File System Connector to reliably index millions of contractual documents and is made available for a specialized business search application. The search-based application gives their subject matter experts prompt access to all relevant contracts and allows a fast resolution of cases.

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