Raytion ServiceNow Connector

The Raytion ServiceNow Connector indexes content from ServiceNow, one of the leading cloud-based support desk and customer knowledge management tools. The issue tracking and customer knowledge Management tools from ServiceNow are key to customer success for many of our clients. The Raytion ServiceNow Connector keeps track of all changes inServiceNow and reliably keeps the index of your search solution up to date.

Why should you index Raytion ServiceNow Connector into your Search?

Indexing ServiceNow into your enterprise search serves a broad range of use cases. With full-text search across all knowledge bases, issues, comments and attachments in ServiceNow side by side with content from other enterprise systems, relevant information becomes easily accessible.

Your support team wants to efficiently handle all those customer support requests? For support dashboards and support cases, an easy retrieval of ServiceNow tickets is key. The metadata, which the Raytion ServiceNow Connector delivers together with all items from ServiceNow, allow for filtering of results on customers, components, projects and many more criteria to visualize and retrieve the information you need to answer and closea case.

The Raytion ServiceNow Connector fuels your expert finder, too. The data the connector extracts from ServiceNow allows to train an expert finder model. An expert finder using information and relations from ServiceNow is able to learn over time and understand the skills people have and who the sought-after experts are.

Key Features

  • Supports ServiceNow
  • Indexes knowledge base articles, issues, attachments, comments, work logs, among others
  • Indexing of the comprehensive set of metadata associated with ServiceNow’s item types
  • Indexing new and changed content in near real time
  • Full support of ServiceNow’s static security model
  • Full support of ServiceNow’s built-in user and group management
  • Scales to tens of millions of documents

Available as

Raytion ServiceNow Connector for Attivio AIE
Raytion ServiceNow Connector for Elasticsearch
Raytion ServiceNow Connector for Exalead CloudView
Raytion ServiceNow Connector for Google Cloud Search
Raytion ServiceNow Connector for Lucidworks Fusion
Raytion ServiceNow Connector for Microsoft Graph
Raytion ServiceNow Connector for SharePoint
Raytion ServiceNow Connector for SharePoint Online
Raytion ServiceNow Connector for Solr

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