Raytion Slack Connector

The Raytion Slack Connector continuously indexes content from Slack, one of the leading independent instant communication platforms, for your enterprise search solution. Even in vibrant environments our Slack connector keeps track of all changes. In fact, it also guarantees an updated search index.

Why should you integrate Slack into your Search?

Leverage the power of full-text search.Seize the opportunity of flawlessly accessing and exploring Slack public channels alongside content from other enterprise information systems in one central place – the search center.

Simplified collaboration, onboarding, shared knowledge and immediate information access are benefits of a seamless enterprise search – just like quicker access to authoritative information within Slack or lost knowledge. Hence, you can meet your compliance requirements, whether it is for GDPR or e-discovery. All of it is facilitated by intelligent Search-as-you-Type completions.

You will profit from building your site search based on Slack content in various ways: it allows your colleagues to find the most crucial information through search. Use the search index to display all relevant documents, wiki pages, tasks and contacts on a central project dashboard. You can also build informative and interactive project rooms by combining information from across different collaboration platforms.

Key Features

  • Supports Slack
  • Indexes public channels, messages and attachments
  • Indexes comprehensive sets of metadata associated with Slack’s item types
  • Indexes new and changed content in near real time
  • Offers a several ten million item scope

Available as

Raytion Slack Connector for Attivio AIE
Raytion Slack Connector for Elasticsearch
Raytion Slack Connector for Exalead CloudView
Raytion Slack Connector for Google Cloud Search
Raytion Slack Connector for Lucidworks Fusion
Raytion Slack Connector for Microsoft Search
Raytion Slack Connector for SharePoint
Raytion Slack Connector for SharePoint Online
Raytion Slack Connector for Solr

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