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Search Analytics

The ability to evaluate the usage of an enterprise search solution, identify areas of improvement and understand the information needs of users, helps in maintaining enterprise search solutions and optimizing the search experience of users.

Raytion Search Analytics is a dedicated tool, developed specifically to visualize search behavior and offers the possibility to analyze what users are looking for and diagnose the problems they face during search. This is particularly useful for defining optimization criteria when maintaining and enhancing an enterprise search solution and enables a better, customized and successful search experience.

Understanding and analyzing search usage offers a good means to improve search experiences for end-users and facilitates identifying improvement measures, such as:

  • Tuning relevance ranking of retrieved documents
  • Enhancing content (e.g. in case of zero hits)
  • Improving search guidance (e.g. synonyms, search suggestions, auto-complete and faceted navigators)
  • Identifying or developing best bets
  • Identifying trends and search correlations
  • Optimizing and sizing infrastructure
  • Planning maintenance and system down-times
  • Customizing search experiences
  • Configuring search defaults according to usage

Raytion Search Analytics offers an easy to use and configurable user interface that graphically depicts what users are searching for, how they search for specific information and how they interact with the result list. All this information is valuable for optimizing and enhancing an enterprise search solution, and for justifying the return of investment, in the case of heavy usage.

In addition, Raytion Search Analytics allows you to generate and export customized reports, based on search logs, that detail and analyze user actions. Example reports include the number of queries returning zero hits, most popular queries, most popular clicked URLs in a result list, correlation between search variables, frequency of queries during a specified time interval, usage of advanced search views, query load, use of synonyms and spelling corrections, and interactions with the result lists.

The flexible and extendable statistics engine that Raytion Search Analytics is built on eases the implementation of additional reports, which can be tailored to specific features of a standard or customized search interface.