Raytion Connectors Named Trend-Setting Products

Raytion Connectors Named Trend-Setting Products
September 7, 2020 rt_admin

The effort we put into our work with diligence and passion as a team is reflected in the products we offer. That is why our products exemplifiy a great choice for our customers. Raytion’s connectors now have been included in the KMWorld Trend-Setting Products for 2020!

To showcase the result of our accomplishments, we are announcing the presentation of Raytion’s connectors on the exclusive list of trend-setting products in the knowledge management industry. The 50+ enterprise search connectors, which are in productive use at the largest companies around the globe, are classified as industry-leading software. Raytion’s inclusion in the KM list is being broadcasted to more than 50,000 knowledge and information management professionals within organizations across North America. Thus, our international scope is continuously growing, so that our products can contribute to creating new ways of working virtually anywhere.

Not only are our products named trend-setters in knowledge management, but we are also known for a special focus on implementing a perfect digital workplace experience and the integration of large-scale, business-crictial applications.

If interested, please do not hesistate to contact us.