Raytion’s service portfolio are the means by which we realize your business needs to deliver the right solution for your organization.

The interdisciplinary nature of our service portfolio has guaranteed the success of numerous projects. We have extensively provided and ensured the delivery of cutting-edge solutions to our customers.

The range of services we offer enables us to support you in deciding what solution suits your business needs the best, identify best practices, implement and optimize IT-infrastructures, and strategically address your target audiences.

Consulting Services

  • Consulting & Planning
  • Business Case & Strategy Development
  • Requirements Analysis
  • User Experience & Usability
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Project Planning & Management

Professional Services

  • Design & Implementation
  • System Integration
  • Security & Content Integration
  • Sizing, Scaling & High Availability
  • Monitoring & Usage Analysis
  • Text Mining & Advanced Linguistics
  • Support & Maintenance

Communications Services

  • Strategic Planning
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Media Development

Our team builds on the experience of consultants, requirements engineers, business and system analysts, information architects, usability experts, graphic designers, computer linguists, software developers, system engineers, system integrators, and project and quality control managers, all dedicated to delivering the best quality solutions that enhance your business and stakeholders’ experiences.